A little stoned a little hungry

by Temo Molina

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released November 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Temo Molina Santa Ana, California

My name is Cuauhtemoc Almada Molina. I was born and raised in Santa Ana California. I first picked up the guitar when I was 13 years old. My dad had an acoustic guitar lying around the house so I conveniently learned how to write on that. Although, my first instrument of choice at the time was drums. Since then I’ve increasingly become more obsessed with writing and producing my own music. ... more

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Track Name: Sick dawg
in the sayan form, wish we could restore
I hope you'll let it slide
if I can show you why

things can be that simple

short and sweet for us to start
keep up but please don't break

a sick dawg groove...
I'm I just moving way too slow
I might need some space to grow
Track Name: Moogie on
I’m so sorry to let go, got feelings lined up in a row
Gut tells me to withdraw, and leave it all behind

I never wanted, I’ll keep it rolling, lust turns to fear

Love and devotion
A mixed up little potion
I'm swimming in an ocean...

This very moment across the sky worth
More than money, a little stoned a little hungry
No fucks given, better off not knowing
I'm I winning or losing...

No intent, I’m roaming in a lovely high
Laying down it creeps on in the lovely sky
Track Name: Garlic breath
soft hair, red sky, dark moon, up high
climb up fall down move slow with peace and love

the dessert sun rising over, easy doll there is enough for losing all my sense tonight
a cactus scape, now outta sight
Track Name: Broadway
Hit and run, don't care to see, how it all, came to be
We keep our eyes closed, don't cry babe, I'll be true, true to my heart.

Knowing me, id pretend to be, self composed and ruthless, they say it's tough love that gets you through, the day to day bullshit, a fever pounding headache
Track Name: Holyday
From my soul to my brain dealing with the strangest of times, peyote and shrooms, peyote in a locked room
Stuck in space and time...
Awake at four am I see a holy star coming towards me, a lucid dream
Laying beneath the trees I feel a breeze come on and lift me up above the rainbows
Track Name: Circulate the love
Spitting flows underneath a bridge, brittle state of mind, trolling hard with a leprechaun, we find a baited line,
Season up my cold dinner, mix it up a light drizzle, dreams all fizzled out, a long disappointing drought
Stay on the flow, down a riverbed we melt and mold, circulate the love through distracted with the first view

Inside out, we shotgun down
Burn then swerve, straight losing pounds
Stuck inside you, tiny bits of brain carve through
Dribble down, eyes shut, a clenched fist, a tight rope, a sore throat, a swollen lip, a narrow lane to pass through
Track Name: Hard Skin
Just maybe if I keep things moving, my love will flows, no time for losing
My baby, if I hold you tight babe, will you let me in, feed the night some
New love, let's keep it all moving, a luscious act, no way I'm losing
My baby…..
Track Name: One more song
No one know what's going on
In need of love i won't be long
In place of you only heaven would do

Back and forth we keep coming back for more
although I know things won't change anymore
I'm down with your brutal honesty a second to look back

call and let it go, free up my troubled mind
I can't keep running forward without,
keeping time, sweet love my baby

Pen to paper, quickly lay it down
No room for error, peace in every sound
Track Name: Withdrawals
Feeding our souls with sounds of clouds pouring out
Emotions burn like moth to flames
Disappear within the Tao

Feeding our souls with sounds of clouds pouring out
The possibility to see
a glimpse into the now

Riding through a wave of love, the sun beats down, the moon comes up, I slip and fall you help me up, you carry on when times get tough, empathy can sometimes bring a new found reason for all good things,
All good things eventually pass us by but memories keep, a catalog of lessons learned, a child like mind so malleable, a steel cold heart you can't pierce through, a third eye stuck on wanting more, dispel those thoughts when raising cain, wash away the tears of pain, empathy for sympathy, entity so desperately

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